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War Poker Table Game

A Real Lucky Casino Card Game

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Welcome the home of the newest poker game in the App Store!

Five-Card War is an exciting new game combining three popular casino card games, War, Three-Card Poker, and Five-Card Stud Poker! Five rounds of exciting dealer versus player War “battles” which include both Three-Card Poker and Five-Card Stud Poker Hands to determine the winner! Poker winnings are according to the general Poker hand ranking system.

Round One Battle, highest card wins. Round Two Battle, highest card wins. Round Three Battle, highest 3-Card Poker hand wins. Round Four Battle, highest card wins. Round Five Battle, highest 5-Card Stud Poker hand wins.

Best three-out-of-five rounds wins the game! Don’t forget to play the hand and sweep bonus bets for great payouts!

Play for free! No cost to play the game and opportunities for free chips! Realistic and simple User Interface Easy to play and to pick-up for non-Poker Players Customizable aesthetics for table and card designs Higher odds for Player win outcomes. Very large payouts including up to 50 to 1 for a single bet!

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Great opportunity to play the newest and hottest game in the App Store! Learn three casino games in one-sitting, combining both game play elements and fun! Play and practice the game without any recourse and get the experience of feeling like playing in a real Casino!

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